Libretto is my newest 20 page mini comic / art book. It contains sequential art, as well as full-page and double-page spreads, and is entirely black and white on the inside. It will be an ongoing book, with no set release dates, but I will update here when new issues are in progress and then available for purchase in my store. 

Promo cards featuring characters (Cuz and Fekt) from my mini comic, Libretto.

January 2
Concrete Blocks Issue # 2 is on hold for the time being...
updates will be posted here in time.

This is my second mini comic, Concrete Blocks (Issue:One). 
Some images will be directly from the issue, 
other images are work preliminaries, 
and some are just sketches done for fun.

Concrete Blocks mini issue # 1 cover

original art for Concrete Blocks # 1 cover
featuring Cookie & Scrappy

pinup art for Concrete Blocks #1 (page 24)
pencils by me, inks by the Amazing Ted McKeever

sketch of Auntie Static & Woofer

This is a preview of my ongoing comic book, entitled Concrete Blocks.* It debuted at the Phoenix Comic Con June 5th-8th 2014. The art and lettering is done by me; it is edited by the Legendary Comics Artist/Writer/Genius Ted McKeever; and the story is a collaboration by both of us, using my characters. It is in "mini" format, at 4.25"x5.5."

Concrete Blocks comic book preview...


July 2013

July marks the release of my first mini comic, 
The Brickabrack City Rag

It is collaborated with, and edited by, the Brilliant and Incomparable comics artist/writer, Ted McKeever. :-)

The story is based on a conversation we had, using my characters, and the art is done by me.

The mini comic is making (made) it's debut at the San Diego Comic Con, July 17-21. 

I can't write this post without mentioning...if you don't already know who Ted McKeever is, his newest series, Miniature Jesus, is out in comic shops right BUY IT! :-)